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Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Bottle shrink packaging machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market. In addition to its own advantages, it can also reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen; suitable for tight packaging and pallet packaging of multiple items.
The bottle shrink packaging machine has the following characteristics:
1. Direct heating with far infrared rays;
2. The device is small in size, short in warm-up time and power-saving;
3. electronic stepless speed regulation;
4. shrinkage does not affect the quality of the packaged items and can shrink the package perfectly;
5. Packaging for regular or irregular items
6. Automatic stop function, when the furnace temperature rises to the specified temperature, the equipment will automatically cut off the power supply, saving the time to be cooled, and ensuring the normal service life of the equipment;
Feel free to place orders for bottle shrink wrapper, shrink film, shrink machine with reasonable price from our professional bottle shrink wrapping machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. All equipments meet international standard.
  • Pet Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

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    Pet Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

    The pet bottle shrink wrap machine is suitable for use in packaging bottom boxes and pop-up cans without bottles, bottles, etc., in conjunction with PE shrink tunnels. The machine adopts advanced German technology and international famous brands to make the product stable and...Read More

  • Small Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

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    Small Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

    1. This small bottle shrink wrap machine adopts imported world famous PLC automatic control. It has stable functions and precise control.
    2. It has automatic functions like conveying materials, unscrambling, shrinking and cooling&design finalizing flow.
    3. The...
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  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

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    Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

    *The heat shrink packaging machine is a high level of automatic specialization and high working efficiency.
    *With a vertical opening of sealing blade, it ensures sealing edge more stable and beautiful.
    *It is fast to do packing for thin and samll products.Very...
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  • Heat Shrink Wrap Machine

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    Heat Shrink Wrap Machine

    1. Heat Shrink Wrap Machine has a safety cover for the seal and sensor to prevent cutting products.
    2. Intelligent PLC controller system. The package length is precisely preset and cut, saving time and film.
    3. We can customize the automatic feeder to connect...
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  • Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine

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    Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine

    *The shrink wrap packaging machine adopts rustless steel heat pipe,with feature in quick warming-up, 40% power saving,and automatically constant temperature control.
    *The heated air circulate in heat shrinkable furnace is high efficiency,temperature...
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  • Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

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    Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

    The automatic shrink packaging machine is a packaging machine with high performance and price ratio suitable for any application, any product size. This packaging machine has a fully automatic L-type sealing machine for high-end product output requirements.Read More

  • water bottle shrink wrapping machine

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    water bottle shrink wrapping machine

    Model FFB-S590/150 milk bottles shrink wrapping machine Yakult milk bottles shrink wrapping machine,this machine is specially for shrink wrapping milk bottles, the advantage is it can connect the filling machine and labeling machines. When shrink wrapping bottles, the machine...Read More

  • shampoo pouch packing machine

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    shampoo pouch packing machine

    Model FFB-M Box motion type bottle shrink wrapping machine Box motion type shrink wrapping machine, for shrink wrapping shampoo bottles and other bottles, this machine can shrink wap both single bottle an group bottles. The end cutter is adjustable, so this machine can wrap...Read More

  • shrink wrapping machine for boxes

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    shrink wrapping machine for boxes

    Model FFB medicine box shrink wrapping machine This machine can shrink wrap single box and group boxes, for single box, it can connect cartoning machine and for group boxes, we can make auto stacking and feeding system. Our machine surface can adopt SUS304 or SUS316. We can...Read More